The reinforced strongroom of the Foundry is a reminder of the building’s past as a bank, as well as an expression of its present as a centre for socialising, arts and creativity in this exciting and energetic part of London.

A wind harp on the Foundry’s roof is ‘played’ as the strings hum with the movements of air across them or are plucked by drops of rain and snow. The harp also responds to the vibrations of the building itself and the urban activity around it – slamming doors, passing traffic, planes flying overhead.

The sounds heard in the strongroom are the sounds of the vault resonating to this activity. The vibrations also translate into a pulsating, ever-changing wall of pure colour distilled from the physical qualities of the space.

The unique voice and character of the Foundry normally go unheard and unseen, but Three to Four allows the building to speak, an expression of the space and its surrounds.

"Strange... creates a haunting, irresistible sound that makes you want to listen."
"A bit claustrophobic, but you still get a feeling of enormous space."
"Beautiful & moving. A very pleasant surprise in this amazing place."
"Hauntingly beautiful + oddly soothing"

March 2 2010 – March 7, 2010

March 23, 2010 – March 28, 2010

The Foundry, London